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White Paper: Compact Serial versus VPX F14 - 3U CompactPCI/Express Intel Pentium M CPU Board

F14 - 3U CompactPCI®/Express Intel® Pentium® M CPU Board

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Configuration example (shown without heat sink)

Larger picture of Configuration example (shown without heat sink)

F14 Diagram

Larger picture of F14 Diagram

Main Features
  • ULV Celeron® M 373, 1 GHz
  • Up to Pentium® M 760, 2 GHz
  • PCI Express® four x1 links
  • 4 HP system master or stand-alone
  • 32-bit CompactPCI® or cPCIe®
  • Up to 2 GB DDR2 DRAM soldered
  • CompactFlash® slot
  • 2 SATA interfaces
  • Video via VGA and 2 SDVO
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet (PCIe®)
  • Up to 8 USB 2.0
  • High Definition audio
  • Board controller
  • -40 to +85°C screened versions
Description Open

Equipped with the high-performance Intel® 2-GHz Pentium® M down to the 1-GHz ultra low voltage Celeron® M processor, the single-board computer F14 is a versatile 4 HP / 3U (single-slot, single-size Eurocard) CompactPCI® board, designed especially for embedded systems which require high computing and graphics performance and low power consumption. All versions of the CPU card come with tailored passive heat sinks within 4 HP height. Depending on the processor version forced air cooling is required inside the CompactPCI® system.


Technical Data Open


ULV Celeron® M 373 up to Pentium® M 760
• 1.0 to 2.0GHz processor core frequency
• 400MHz or 533MHz front-side bus frequency


Options Open


Celeron® M 373 ULV, 1.0GHz


Standard Configurations
Article No. CPU Type Clock System RAM CFlash Ethernet RTC Side Card Slot Operation Temperature
02F014-00 Celeron® M 373 1 GHz 512 MB 0 MB 1Gb, 1 Fast Ethernet GoldCap right 0..+60°C
02F014-01 Pentium® M 760 2 GHz 1 GB 0 MB 2 Gb Ethernet GoldCap right 0..+60°C
02F014-02 Celeron® M 373 1 GHz 512 MB 0 MB 1Gb, 1 Fast Ethernet GoldCap right -40..+85°C
02F014-13 Pentium® M 760 2 GHz 1 GB 0 MB 2 Gb Ethernet battery right 0..+60°C
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