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CompactPCI / Serial

CompactPCI / Serial / PlusIO Made by MEN

Benefit from our extensive range of standard CompactPCI boards and systems fitting your final solution - the more rugged, the better.

CompactPCI – PICMG 2.0
Today’s users appreciate the modularity and robustness of CompactPCI. Based on this established standard, CompactPCI Serial offers fast serial data transfer in addition, with CompactPCI PlusIO as the migration path between the two.

CompactPCI PlusIO – PICMG 2.30
CompactPCI PlusIO is fully downward-compatible to the basic CompactPCI standard. It defines the pin assignment and the function of the user pins on the J2 connector for 32-bit system slots: 4x PCIe, 4x SATA, 4x USB, 2 Gb Ethernet.

CompactPCI Serial – PICMG CPCI-S.0
CompactPCI Serial defines a new connector for transmission frequencies of more than 12 Gb/s, supporting 8x PCIe, 8x SATA, 8x USB and 8x Ethernet on the backplane. It uses the same mechanics as CompactPCI, remaining compatible to IEC 1101.

Typically MEN
Being designed to operate in harsh environments, MEN CompactPCI boards and systems withstand up to -40 to +85°C operating temperature shock, vibration, drop, resonance, humidity, chemicals etc. Many MEN products are developed according to RTCA DO-254, EN 50129 or IEC 61508, comply with norms like EN 50155 for railways or with the automotive E-Mark. They are available up to 10 years and more, thanks to MEN’s superior obsolescence management.

Need our Experience for a Customized Solution?
Let us design your individual system based on our long-standing experience in the realization of mission-critical electronics.

"CompactPCI®" is a registered trademark of the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group.