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Vehicle Panel PC for Intelligent Farming

Standard Components Used in this Example

This custom-designed intelligent vehicle display is a core element of "Precision Farming" technology. The 12.1" touch display computer can be used to control farming machines like combine harvesters quickly and easily. The tasks of the mobile telemetry control system include a GPS-controlled fleet management (optimized driving on large fields and coordination of escort vehicles), data acquisition (positionally accurate gathering of amount and quality of harvest, humidity...), data storage (to make the gathered data usable, e.g., for optimized fertilizer distribution), displaying the video feed from external cameras, etc.

The electronics inside the Panel PC control units are based on standard ESMexpress Computer-On-Modules on a customized carrier board. Depending on the performance requirements of the different farming vehicles, the COMs used are either Intel Atom based like the XM1L or Intel Core 2 Duo based like the XM2. All wireless interfaces like WLAN, GPS, GSM and UMTS are installed as PCI Express Mini cards mounted on the carrier board. Cameras that are installed outside of the vehicles are connected via Gigabit Ethernet if IP-based or via frame grabber if analog. An additional CAN bus interface is used to control machine functions like steering and controls the tools mounted on the machine.

Standard Components Used in this Example

XM1L - ESMexpress COM with Intel Atom XL

The XM1L is a rugged Computer-On-Module of the ESMexpress family equipped with an Intel Atom XL processor (Z510P, Z530P, Z510PT, Z520PT).

XM2 - ESMexpress COM with Intel Core 2 Duo

The XM2 is a Computer-On-Module of the ESMexpress family equipped with a Intel Core 2 Duo processor.