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Automatic Train Control & Protection

Standard Components Used in this Example

Safety in rail operations is the crucial factor for rail operators. With functional safety as their mantra, new technologies in electronics ensure ever increasing reliability and safety in trains and rail vehicles. Of course, in addition to the safety aspect, new purchases and modernization also increase cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Automatic train operation (ATO) and automatic train protection (ATP) play an important role in this regard. Automated operation has many advantages: Accidents caused by human error are significantly reduced, maximum permitted speeds can be fully exploited and train frequency on the tracks can be increased, overspeed conditions or overrunning red signals can be avoided. In order to guarantee reliable operation, ATP systems monitor all relevant functions.

To control a mostly customized ATP system, another ATO system was realized with a CompactPCI based CCA system. Working in an extended class Tx temperature range, the EN 50155-compliant system is controlled by the Intel Atom F11S CPU board. The onboard FPGA for flexible implementation of customer-specific interfaces and the low power dissipation delivered the perfect combination for this kind of application. Analog signals have been added through the M36N M-Module and F204 CompactPCI card.

These and all other peripheral cards, such as a customized counter card or fast Ethernet switch used in this system, have been implemented into a conduction cooling frame for a maintenance-free thermal management and a robust design of the total system.

Standard Components Used in this Example

F11S - Intel Atom CPU Board

The F11S single-board computer is a versatile 3U Eurocard CompactPCI board, equipped with an Intel Atom Z510P, Z530P, Z510PT or Z520PT processor.

F204 - M-Module Carrier Board

The F204 is a 3U M-Module carrier board for universal I/O on the CompactPCI bus.

M36N - 8/16 Analog Inputs, 16 Bits

The mezzanine card M36N is a 16-bit analog M-Module with 8/16 analog inputs.