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Textile Machine Supervision

Standard Components Used in this Example

These Human-Machine Interfaces are used in the interaction with different types of textile machines like (ring) spinning or winding machines, controlling operation of the machines as well the processes, data storage and management. The operator configures the most important winding parameters on the control unit and gets data that serves for assessment of the machine's operation behavior and is stored for further analysis. Data such as machine configuration, quality and cleaning parameters as well as material data is graphically displayed for easy recognition and operation. All production data is logged individually and summarily. Lists of the causes of any possible failures allow the operators to eliminate sources of error fast and specifically.

Unlike other human-machine interfaces, this completely custom-designed device is controlled by a PowerPC processor. The rugged IP54 compliant aluminum enclosure houses a fanless and maintenance-friendly computer. It provides an LVDS connected TFT-LCD display with 12.1" size, touch functionality and integrated keyboard. Interfaces are available at the front and at the rear of the HMI which is specified for an operation temperature of 0 to +60°C.

The electronics are based on a Computer-On-Module concept with interfaces partly provided by the PowerPC and partly integrated as IP cores in the FPGA on the COM. They include 4 CAN bus interfaces, 1 Interbus-S interface, and several UARTs, USB lines and Gigabit Ethernet channels.

Standard Components Used in this Example

CC10 - Rugged COM Express Module with ARM i.MX6

The CC10 is an ARM i.MX6 based Rugged COM Express type 6 module with a Cortex-A9 architecture and an onboard FPGA for flexible, customizable I/O. It is designed for industrial automation, medical computers, in-vehicle computers, and embedded computers in transportation. The CC10 supports conductive cooling technology and is 100% EMC proof.

EM9 - Embedded System Module COM with MPC8548

The EM9 Computer-On-Module is an MPC8548/MPC8543 PowerPC based embedded SBC for use in different industrial environments, with custom I/O in an onboard FPGA and front connectors.

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