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Internet Access Systems

Standard Components Used in this Example

Internet access points in a train are required to provide convenience functions to passengers such as mobile office, telephony, information and entertainment. At the same time, they are essential to exchange train diagnosis data with the depot, get route information or transmit data from surveillance systems. For all these functions, communication inside the vehicle is typically based on Ethernet TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocols and connection to the outside world is based on wireless interfaces from WLAN via GSM-R to LTE.

Modular 19" systems like 3U CompactPCI or CompactPCI Serial are ideal for this type of application because they are flexible with regard to the board and feature combination and they are maintenance-friendly, e.g., offering hot-plug functionality. Internet access points or multimedia access units typically require full EN 50155 compliance.

In one installation, the Internet access, the train surveillance and the communication between the wagons are controlled via satellite. One CompactPCI system houses three independent computer units on separate backplanes and with separate power supplies: A satellite system with three CPU cards, a content server with one CPU card and a side card for the RAID system, and a storage server with four CPU cards. All of these single-board computers are based on a COTS board with an Intel Pentium processor.

In a similar application, the computing performance is built on 3U CompactPCI COTS boards with Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

Yet another application uses a 3U CompactPCI PlusIO hybrid system as the central communication unit and is equipped with up to three F19P single-board computers. COTS peripheral cards provide Ethernet channels, GPS functionality and several PCI Express Mini card slots for UMTS, GSM and HSDPA cards.

Standard Components Used in this Example

F14 - Intel Pentium M CPU Board

Equipped with the high-performance Intel 2-GHz Pentium M down to the 1-GHz ultra low voltage Celeron M processor, the F14 is a 4 HP/3U CompactPCI board, designed for embedded systems with high computing/graphics performance and low power consumption.

F19P - Intel Core 2 Duo CPU Board

The F19P versatile 4HP/3U single-board computer is compatible to the CompactPCI PlusIO standard and equipped with the Intel Core 2 Duo processor SP9300.

F210 - GSM/GPS/UART Interface

The F210 is a rugged single Eurocard CompactPCI GSM/GPS/UART interface that needs only one slot on the CompactPCI bus.

F211 - Quad Fast Ethernet Interface Board

The F211 is a single Eurocard CompactPCI networking controller with four Fast Ethernet channels.

F212 - Wireless Network Board for 2 PCIe and 2 SIM Cards

The F212 is a rugged single Eurocard CompactPCI carrier board supporting the PCI Express Mini Card standard or the ExpressCard standard for implementing WLAN, UMTS, GPS, GSM, HSDPA interfaces.

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