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Passenger Information Systems

Standard Components Used in this Example

Infotainment solutions give passengers orientation regarding stops, schedules and routes, hints for changing trains, short-term changes of the route or delays. They also provide entertainment, for instance by displaying news of the day and the weather forecast or by playing movies and music. Content servers are used to store those data and programs. They connect to the screens in the vehicle via wired LAN or WLAN. Apart from displaying pictures, text and audio data, these systems can also control TV or radio programs. Content servers connect to the outside world, e.g. the depot, to receive up-to-date information while travelling.

Modular 19" systems like 3U CompactPCI or CompactPCI Serial are ideal for this type of application because they are flexible with regard to the board and feature combination and they are maintenance-friendly, e.g., offering hot-plug functionality. In combination with content servers, intelligent display computers are increasingly used to show the content. Infotainment computerstypically require full EN 50155 compliance.

In one application, a 3U CompactPCI system is located as a content server in the driver cabin. It is based on a standard F14 board with an Intel processor. Aseparate F206 FPGA board handles the UART interfaces and a customized I/O board realizes binary I/O, speedometer interface, CAN bus, GPS and GSM.

In another application, a combination of several display computers and one content server is used. With a train unit of up to 18 cars and a maximum train length of then 315m, every car typically contains between two to six displays. The 15" display computers used here are customized versions of the DC1 device. They are based on the Intel Atom, featuring a typical power consumption of less than 27 Watts. The fanless units apply conductive cooling to dissipate the heat to the outside of the housing, thus reaching operation temperature class Tx with -40 to +70°C. All I/O signals are concentrated at the back via a customized rear mounting plate which enables direct wall mounting using a customer-specific snap-in solution.

In a high-speed train application, twocustom display computers from the same DC1 family with 19" wide screen displays are mounted to a bracket back to back. Both are protected by a special housing and a vandal-proof glass pane. In addition to the standard Ethernet and USB interfaces they offer also HD audio. Two of the Ethernet ports enable daisy chaining of several units. Ethernet frames are forwarded within less than 500 ns and bypassed even when the unit is in powerless state.

Many other customized solutions also in light rails or buses are based on either the DC1 family of display computers with screen sizes between 12" to 21", or on the COTS display electronics boards SC21 and XC2.

Standard Components Used in this Example

F14 - Intel Pentium M CPU Board

Equipped with the high-performance Intel 2-GHz Pentium M down to the 1-GHz ultra low voltage Celeron M processor, the F14 is a 4 HP/3U CompactPCI board, designed for embedded systems with high computing/graphics performance and low power consumption.

F206 - Octal UART Interface Board

The F206 is a universal octal UART based on 3U CompactPCI and uses small adapter to implement the physical layer for each channel as RS-232, RS-422, RS-485.

SC21 - Intel Atom SBC for Control of Multiple 10.4" to 21" Displays

The SC21 is a rugged, fanless and maintenance-free single-board computer for intelligent display devices, e.g., for infotainment purposes in trains, public buses or airplanes.

XC2 - ESMexpress COM Carrier Board for Intelligent Displays

The XC2 is a universal ESMexpress carrier board designed for intelligent display solutions. Together with an application-specific carrier board it forms a semi-custom solution for industrial, harsh, mobile and mission-critical environments.

DC1 - Rugged 15" Panel PC

The display computer DC1 is a rugged, fanless and maintenance-free panel PC for harsh, mobile and mission-critical applications in transportation, avionics, medical engineering and industrial automation.

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