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Jul 24, 2015

Future-Safe Applications with CompactPCI Serial

The recently released revision 2 of the CompactPCI Serial standard was tasked with bringing more clarity and simplicity to the specification. The description of the inter-compatibility was also given more attention. In addition to fine-tuning over the last few months, CompactPCI Serial has already established itself in many different applications. 

Proven Standard – Versatile Usage

Used in industrial automation, power generation and distribution, medical engineering, transportation applications on track, road and seaway, in short- and long-distance traffic or in aviation – the range of applications for CompactPCI Serial seems to be unlimited.

In a typical automation application for filling and packaging food, CompactPCI Serial controls the complete range of machines and corresponding camera systems for acquisition, storage and organization of the pictures. The advantage of CompactPCI Serial, in comparison with a standard industrial PC, is the compact design of the system, which combines several control functions on two CPU boards within one platform. Additionally, the CompactPCI Serial solution is the most cost-effective alternative.

Another application in the energy sector uses CompactPCI Serial for building data collectors and server systems in oil rigs. As the installations are located outside, the computers have to be very robust und continue working in both arctic and tropical temperatures. At the same time, the maximum of 10 boards per system dissipate up to 200 watts, which makes a combination of forced and conduction cooling necessary – no problem for CompactPCI Serial. This solution is again very compact as it combines four computer units in one system. The interconnection with the company’s internet is realized with an Ethernet upload via satellite.

In the public passenger transportation sector, in busses and trains, the use of CompactPCI Serial platforms as a backbone for the versatile tasks of passenger information systems (PIS), or when the safety of the passenger is very prevalent. As mobile networking devices and gateways with IoT functions, these systems typically deal with the complete wireless communication between the vehicles or from vehicle to land. When used here, CompactPCI Serial can play to its strength regarding modularity, e.g. by adapting the constantly changing communication standards in the mobile telephone system.

In avionics CompactPCI Serial also has the advantage like, for instance, in UAVs for aerial surveillance, object recognition and collision avoidance in combination with intelligent camera systems. Low weight and space requirements are the trump cards – together with multi-computer functionality supported through the easy and standardized full-mesh communication on the backplane of CompactPCI Serial. Additionally, the connection via radio service, satellite or internet to other aircrafts or to the ground station plays a major role in all types of airborne systems.

Last but not least, CompactPCI Serial also makes a contribution to research, whether as a particle accelerator controller, or under extreme climatic conditions e.g. in geotechnology on the ocean floor for locating, collecting and evaluating seismic data. But these are not the only requirements – CompactPCI Serial can handle all of them: harsh environment, symmetric multi-processing, scalable multi-CPU-architecture with high computing performance, modular adaption to different projects, effective networks with full-mesh Ethernet and the wireless connection of the modern world.

In all these markets, CompactPCI Serial is the ideal platform for communication within the Internet of Things, as it is partly based on open standards. This is an important condition to allow the interaction of future software standards in a connected world. CompactPCI is ready prepared!

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