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Sep 21, 2016

AAR Compliant IP65 Train Control System for ATO/ATC and ATP

MA50C is the first member of the AAR (Association of American Railroads) compliant sub-family of the menTCS Train Control System. The modular system platform is usable for vital train functions in train control, automatic train operation (ATO) and automatic train protection (ATP) up to SIL 4.

Modular I/O Configuration, Sturdy Design
Packed in an AAR S-9401 housing, the system has a safe CPU, real-time Ethernet card, power supply and shelf controller. Other cards such as safe train I/Os, MVB, CAN or serial I/O are added as needed. The system mechanics comply with the S-590 standard of the American Association of Railway Manufacturers. A 6 MCU (Modular Concept Unit) design is used to optimally host a single tower of standard 3U CompactPCI boards.

Vital Control Solution for Extreme Environments
The MA50C is made for railway applications in North America and other countries where extremely robust hardware is needed or require the standard AAR form factor. In dirty, humid and chemically harsh environments, air cooling is not an option. Therefore, all the boards inside the MA50C are conduction cooled.
Conduction cooling frames transfer the heat out of the system by thermally coupling all the hot components to the enclosure frame. Machined side walls also help to make the enclosure hermetically tight, and provide a particular mechanical stability.

IP65 / NEMA-4 Protection
Fulfilling class IP65 of the IEC 60529 standard International Protection classification, the MA50C is completely tight against dust and water jets from any direction have no harmful effects on the system.

Part of menTCS Train Control System
menTCS is a modular SIL 4 certifiable family of standard products usable for every kind of safety-critical railway application – from a single function to the main control system of the train. It can be configured to control anything in the train that requires functional safety – with requirements from SIL 1 up to SIL 4.
menTCS communicates via RT Ethernet and can be configured to interface consist networks like MVB, CANopen or Profinet. This makes it easy to integrate into a TCN network and into regionally different Train Control Systems. The high flexibility of menTCS significantly saves cost and time in railroad computerization.
The MA50C is functionally identical with the 40-HP MH50C. Both platforms are open and application-ready, allowing smooth integration of user applications with the basic operating system and device drivers.

Certification and Standards Compliance
menTCS components come with certification packages and complete support for the safe operating system QNX. The certification package includes safe protocols which shorten implementation time and reduce certification costs of the final system.

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