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Jun 27, 2017

Application Example: Bottling Facility Control

In this application, a customized F22P CompactPCI PlusIO CPU board supervises the fluid levels during the bottling process, screens and checks the bottles to make sure they are in good condition, and controls the production line machinery and robots accordingly. 

The board is connected to two high-resolution, high-speed cameras via Ethernet, photographing each individual bottle when it reaches a photoelectric sensor. The image data is transmitted to 19” systems in the blink of an eye and analyzed by frame grabbers.

This information is conveyed to the CPU card in the system, which analyzes the individual bottles and determines any action to be taken (e.g. removing a defective or dirty bottle).

The CPU cards used in this project are F22P CompactPCI PlusIO cards, although any SBC of our ComapctPCI PlusIO family could be used. Even the step to the next generation CompactPCI Serial (Gxx) cards can be easily done.

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