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Jul 30, 2015

Application Example: Precise Train Positioning

One example of the easy configuration possibilities delivered by our box PCs is an application for precise train positioning. 

Train with BL50W - Rugged Box PC for Wireless Applications

The customer uses an individually configured version of the standard box PC BL50W.

Equipped with two antennas, the box receives GPS data sent from several satellites and forwards them to the control center via UMTS, where the position and the current speed are calculated.

Due to differentiated GPS, a location accuracy of less than 3 meters can be provided, which means that the exact track can be determined. Equipped with an odometer, wich is implemented via an additional PCI Express Mini Card, the system supports dead reckoning functionality which ensures that the exact position of a vehicle can be identified, even if the satellite signal is interrupted, for example while driving through a tunnel.

The exact positioning down to the track offers crucial advantages regarding track utilization, waiting times and power consumption.

The system can also retroactively be equipped with up to four PCI Express MiniCards, each with dual-SIM, different I/O interfaces such as CAN or RS232/RS485/RS422 using SA-Adapters, or an additional hard disk.

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