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Jun 26, 2017

Rugged Box PC for Industrial Automation with TI Sitara ARM

The BE10A is an entry-level box PC designed for a wide range of embedded computing applications. It features the latest AM57x8 Sitara ARM Cortex-A15 processors from Texas Instruments supporting 2 GB of DDR3 memory with ECC.

The BE10A meets the intense processing and communications needs of modern embedded applications and maintains low power consumption (approx. 10 W) at an ambient temperature of 60°C.
Easy expansion options are available in the form of PCI Express Mini Card for wireless functionality, mSATA and microSD card.

Wide Range of Applications

In PC-based industrial automation the BE10A presents a perfect open platform for development of flexible and task specific software applications, e.g. in process automation and robotics control.

In more complex automation architectures, in renewable energy substations or on board public transportation vehicles the BE10A is integrated between low-level devices (sensors) and remote servers or the cloud. It provides data acquisition and data processing solutions and acts as a gateway.
The BE10A is able to further extend the gateway applications into two-way full IoT interfaces. In these applications it is possible to control the field devices remotely and send updates from central server locations.
In HMI applications, e.g. ticketing machines, the BE10A is capable of interfacing a touch screen and several peripheral devices.

Fieldbus Protocols

The Programmable-Realtime Unit (PRU) is a unique feature of TI Sitara processors which enables the BE10A to support several industrial communication protocols (EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK, PROFINET, SERCOS) on up to four Fast Ethernet ports. Traditionally, these protocols have been implemented with additional hardware such as an FPGA but with BE10A the fieldbus protocols are enabled by a simple firmware update. The required firmware and update tools are available from Texas Instruments.

Compact, Maintenance-Free Solution and Flexible Installation

The BE10A only needs a compact, small-footprint housing without fans, making it maintenance-free. It can easily be integrated into existing system environments.

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