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Rail and Public Transport Systems

Reliable Solutions for Heavy and Light Rail, Metros and Busses

Train Control System menTCS

Railway Data Center menRDC

DIN Rail Systems

Box PCs

Panel PCs & HMIs

Switches & Access Points

Storage & NAS

Rail and Public Transport Systems Made by MEN

Application-ready, built-to-order and prepared for the IoT – the open standards-based and EN 50155 or ISO 7637-2 compliant transport systems from MEN.

Vital Systems

The train control system menTCS is a modular platform for safety-critical ATO, ATP and wayside applications, based exclusively on open standard hardware and software. It is developed according to EN 5012x, certifiable up to SIL 4 in all its single parts and complies fully with EN 50155 and EN 50121-4 railway standards.

Non-Vital Systems

Our fully EN 50155 compliant, or E-mark prepared, non-vital systems such as Ethernet switches and access points, NAS and storage systems are based on standard 19” CompactPCI / Serial components and rugged box PCs formats, while some display computers are UIC 612 compliant.

A CompactPCI Serial based modular rail data center solution offers a unique open standard platform for the complete internal train applications set and network, as well as for train-to-train and vehicle-to-land communication.

Meeting Transport Requirements

Compliance with market norms, IRIS certification and a product portfolio that also includes typical I/O functions – e.g. MVB/WTB communication, GSM-R wireless communication – complete the features of our robust and reliable embedded systems for public transportation.

Rugged Computing Solutions for Harsh Environments – Typically MEN

MEN develops and produces standard and custom computing solutions that employ the highest technology levels.

In the respective markets, products may environmentally comply with the EN 50155 railway standard, the DO-160G aerospace standard and the ISO 7637-2 (E-mark) automotive standard. Products for safety-critical applications are developed according to railway standards EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129 in order to reach safety integrity levels SIL 1 to SIL 4 - or according to avionics standards RTCA DO-254 and DO-178B in order to reach safety levels DAL-E up to DAL-A. MEN is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 as well as EN/AS 9100 (aerospace) and IRIS (transportation). MEN products are available up to 10 years and more, thanks to MEN's superior obsolescence management.

Need our Experience for a Customized Solution?

Let us design your individual Industrial PC based on our long-standing experience in the realization of mission-critical electronics.

menTCS - SIL 4 Train Control System

menRDC - MEN Railway Data Center

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