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Supported Operating System

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista 32-bit
  • Windows Vista 64-bit
  • Windows 7 32-bit
  • Windows 7 64-bit

Supported MEN Boards

  • F14
  • F15
  • F17
  • F18
  • D9
  • D601
  • A19
  • A20

Supported Onboard Devices

  • LM63 monitoring device
    • LM63 die temperature
    • CPU temperature
  • F14BC board controller
    • System watchdog
    • Board voltage supervision
    • Software reset
    • Error state query
  • Power supply controller
    • Power up/down supervision
    • Adjustable power wake on time
    • Watchdog functionality
    • Binary I/O access
    • Temperature and voltage monitoring
  • Configuration EEPROMs
  • F601 Binary I/Os


Windows driver installation files


Please note that you need an MDIS5 system package to use this installation package

Included Documentation

Please refer to the F14/F15/F17/D601 under Windows User Manual for a detailed description of the installation package

Licensing Information

MEN general licensing conditions

This article is free of charge.

Ordering Information & Downloads

Main Software

Windows Installset (MEN) for F14, F15, F17, F18, D9, D601, A19 and A20

Requires a compatible MDIS system package.

Related Software

MDIS5 low-level driver sources (MEN) for generic SMBus driver for F14, F15, F17, F18, F19P, F21P, F22P, F75P, G20, G22, D9, D601, F600 and F601, A19, A20, F217, CB70C, SC24, AF2, BC50M, BC50I, BL50W and MH50C


MDIS4/2004 / MDIS5 Windows driver (MEN) for SMBus devices for AF2, F14, F15, F17, F18, D9, D601, F600, F601 and F217


MDIS4/2004 / MDIS5 Windows driver (MEN) for F14, F15, F17, F18, D9 and D601 board controller