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13M077-60 - VxWorks driver (MEN) for UART M-Modules, source code

VxWorks driver (MEN) for UART M-Modules, source code

Supported MEN Standard Products

Supported Operating System

  • VxWorks 5.5
  • VxWorks 6.2 to 6.9


  • VxWorks TTY driver conformance (open, close, read, write, ioctl)
  • Programmable data rates from 300 baud up to 1.152 Mbaud (115.2 kbaud for RS232)
  • Support of all channels
  • 128-byte FIFO for each transmitter/receiver
  • Software selectable 5 to 8 bits per channel plus parity
  • Parity types: none, odd, even
  • Software selectable stop bits: 1, 2
  • Software handshake Xon/Xoff
  • Multiple module support (definable at compilation time)
  • Software configurable mode switch between RS232, RS422 and RS485


The driver itself is not MDIS but is integrated in the MDIS build system. Therefore, the MDIS system package for VxWorks must be installed.

Included Documentation

PDF user manual available as separate download

Licensing Information

MEN general licensing conditions

This article is free of charge.

Ordering Information & Downloads

Main Software

VxWorks driver (MEN) for UART M-Modules, source code

Requires a compatible MDIS system package.

Related Software

OS-9/PPC SCF driver for (MEN) UART M-Modules, source code


MDIS5 System (and Device Driver) Package (MEN) for VxWorks. This software package includes most standard device drivers available from MEN.

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