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Boot Loader Type

  • Das U-Boot: Universal Bootloader from DENX
  • Prebuilt main U-Boot image
  • Consists of standard U-Boot code (binary) with board-specific modifications from MEN

Supported MEN Boards

XM51 QorIQ ESMexpress computer-on-module


  • Please refer to the XM51 User Manual for a detailed description of the XM51 U-Boot.
  • For more information see The DENX U-Boot and Linux Guide (DULG)

Licensing Information


This article is free of charge.

Ordering Information & Downloads

Main Software

U-Boot Bootloader (DENX/MEN) for XM51

U-Boot is open source software. The source code that this product's U-Boot is based on is available on request. Please contact MEN.