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Advanced Train Management System

Standard Components Used in this Example

ATMS is designed to support the objectives of the Australian Rail Track Corporation, improving rail network capacity, operational flexibility, train service availability, transit times, rail safety and system reliability. The new nationwide system includes functions like provision of the precise location of trains both front and rear, provision of switch settings and automatic route clearances, replacement of trackside signaling with in-locomotive displays of authorities to drivers and enforcement of authorities on each locomotive if a train is at risk of exceeding its authority.

The safety-critical computer system which partitions the vital and non-vital applications in one single platform is built to a high degree with standard COTS products. It is based on a CompactPCI - CompactPCI Serial hybrid configuration and is certifiable up to SIL 4. The critical part runs on a safe operating system and consists of safe embedded single-board computers designed for deterministic operation and offering extensive BITE features. Each safe SBC runs three PowerPC processors in lockstep mode with 2oo3 voting implemented in FPGA and software-assisted resynchronization, while its triple-redundant dynamic memory automatically corrects hardware faults. The non-critical part of the system runs Linux and consists of two 3U CompactPCI PlusIO Intel Core based SBCs, connecting to an Ethernet switch and four hard disk shuttles.

For further information please go to atms.artc.com.au

Standard Components Used in this Example

F23P - Embedded Single Board Computer with Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7

The F23P is an x86 PC based embedded computer for industrial automation and railway transportation, featuring the 4th generation Haswell Intel Core family up to the i7-4700EQ processor. The SBC is compliant with the PICMG 2.30 standard and as such a perfect migration path from CompactPCI to CompactPCI Serial.

D602 - Vital Embedded Single Board Computer with 3 PowerPC 750

The D602 is a fail-operational, fault-tolerant vital embedded computer, certifiable up to SIL 4 and DAL-A, with onboard triple redundancy for functional safety and availability. It targets safety-critical applications in embedded aircraft computer systems, railway and wayside computers and industrial automation.

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