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Safe and Reliable: MTCS MEN Train Control System

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2015-01-29 New Chief Operating Officer Starts at MEN

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Transportation Markets

Rail Transport




Industrial Markets


Power & Energy


Rugged embedded computers for transportation in railway, automotive, avionics or ship applications

Modern vehicles have many functions directly controlled by computer systems such as the train drive and speed control, the control of doors, lighting or heating.


Rugged embedded electronics for in-vehicle application (buses and other commercial vehicles)

Modern commercial and off-highway vehicles like buses, trucks, construction and farming machines have many computer-controlled functions and also need to communicate with the outside world.


Modular, in-flight electronics

Airborne functions in commercial aircraft are controlled by modular avionics systems. Embedded computers take on vital functions such as flight and engine control, or navigation.


Network and control systems for marine applications

Modern cargo ships or passenger ships are controlled by networked computer systems and have to withstand harsh environmental conditions like extreme temperatures or salt water.


Embedded electronics for industrial automation, e.g., robotics

Automated electronics are supposed to optimize drive systems by measurement and control technologies. Within this field energy efficiency has become the most important issue.


Safe and reliable electronics for power and electricity generation, transmission and distribution

Power and electricity generation, transmission and distribution are highly demanding industries requiring automation systems for safe and reliable operation.


Reliable computer components for electro-medical devices

Electro-medical devices require reliable computer components developed and produced according to medical standards. The different challenges often include robust and compact design.


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